The heart of the healthy family is in the hands of the Perfect Kitchen. Many of us will think building a perfect kitchen is really hard but, for the smart people, it is simple with the perfect choice of cookware. This article will guide you to choose the top essential cookware to build a perfect smart kitchen.

10 Essential Cookware:

With the great advancement in cookware technology, choosing a right is a bit tough. This article will remove the confusion and lead you to opt the most essential cookware which suits your cooking style to have a perfect kitchen.

1. Stainless Steel Pan

Stainless Steel Pan

A quality Stainless steel pan will greatly do multiple rapid roles like searing, frying, sautéing and also cooking tender meats. Because of its multifaceted functions, it’s vital to choose a high-quality stainless steel pan that you can use for a long period. Like other materials, the stainless steel pan will not change the color of foods like sauces also it is non-reactive with acidic foods. With the help of stainless steel pan, you can also make sauces, use for sautéing purpose, make cutlets, rice as it suits perfectly on stir fry techniques. The Stainless steel pans provide you great time-saving technique, as it quickly reduces liquids and sauces in a short span. The exterior part of the pan will be magnetic, making this perfect on induction and traditional cooktops. Undoubtedly, this stainless steel pan will do many favors at your kitchen at great speed.

2. Non-stick Pan

Non-stick Pan

A Non-stick pan is one of the most popular cookware as it gives non-fat cooking. With the presence of an aluminum core, it offers good heat for cooking and easy to clean. It provides a long life if you avoid the placement of hot pans in cold water and allow enough time to cool before wash. Also, the durability of these pans will reduce in case of repeated washing as it results in damage to the non-stick surface. It is perfect and safe to use on most stovetops. More specifically, ceramic non-stick pan types are resistant to scratch and are free of Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) Per Fluoro Octanoic Acid (PFOA).

3. Saute Pan / Fry Pan

Saute Pan or Fry Pan

A Saute pan or fry pan is one of the frequently used pans in the kitchen. These pans have a large flat bottom and straight sides with great depth make this ideal for many functions. Some sauté pans are available with lids, which provide safer cooking, though it is not a much-needed option. The Saute pans are too good for searing meat, tossing pasta together, braising vegetables and even for making pasta sauces too. These fry pans will surprise with different varieties in less time.

4. Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

Another essential kitchen cookware that enriches your kitchen will be a Dutch oven. A Dutch oven is a wide, heavy metal pot with a flat bottom, suitable for cooking stocks, stews, sauces or risotto. It is a versatile pot usually made of cast iron with squat sides, handles, and a lid. Dutch oven pots are provided with a heavy bottom and sides to ensure even and good heat transfer. With this durable and long-lasting pot, you can bake bread; braised meats, warm soups and many.

5. Cast iron skillet

Cast iron skillet

It’s a great wonder if your kitchen is lack of at least one cast iron cookware. With great versatility, it is one of the highly recommended cookware for a healthy kitchen. The classic heavy black pans are available with short sides and handles. This cast iron skillet retains high heat to do many roles like searing, browning, etc.

It is one of the quality pans at affordable cost with high availability ratio. These are relatively heavy pans and will give long life with proper care. In recent times, cast iron pans are pre-seasoned and are made from heavy cast iron with great heat retention property. This cast iron pans will do searing, roasting, sautéing, etc., and can be used on stovetops to the oven.

6. Stock Pot

Stock Pot

 Stockpots are identified as thick and large pots with a flat bottom, high walls, handles, and lid. These pots greatly retain heat which is helpful to make broths and soups. Also, if you are in need of making an extra-large meal, then these stock pots will be an ideal choice. Usually, stockpots with thick base ensure even heat transfer while thinner base pots may heat faster but it offers uneven heat transfer which ultimately results in limiting its versatility.

7. Sheet Tray

Sheet Tray

A sheet tray is a flat rectangular tray, which probably offers you a similar experience like oven cooking. This high-quality sheet tray is very much helpful and allows you to make multiple dishes like cookies, pizzas, finger foods, slices of bacon and many more. These trays are available in larger sizes with great durability and long life. The sheet trays are lightly weighted cookware and easy to clean up. Also, these trays are highly affordable which makes decorates your kitchen. In spite of its versatility, it works perfectly and looks great.

8. Steamer / Pasta Cooker

Pasta Cooker or Steamer

A pasta pot or steamers are versatile pots that are designed to cook several dishes like soups, stews, pasta, rice, etc. This will be more ideal for cooking vegetables, seafood like fish as steam cooking retains the nutritional value of the foods. It consists of a pasta insert, which lifts out to drain and a top large pot to steam veggies and other seafood. These cookers will greatly reduce the time of cooking and offers you a healthy meal. 

9. Saucier Pan

Saucier Pan

A Saucier pan is considered one of the essential kitchen cookware. These are utilized to make soups, gravy, pasta and also to boil or steam vegetables. It is not as heavy as others, making it easy to handle and clean. Their smooth rounded bottom provides you gentle and even heat transfer. In times when you just want to make smaller portions of the recipes, you can go for a handy saucepan. As an added advantage, these pans are also available with lid and coated handle.

10. Copper Pots

Copper Pot

Copper pots are highly suggested kitchen cookware as it possesses superior heat conductivity. Because of its speedy response to temperature changes, it is considered as the ideal cookware which offers you delicious foods. Copper pots are energy efficient as it needs only low/medium heat for cooking. This will give you a long life with proper care, i.e., these are washed by hands with mild detergents using soft/nylon pads.


To have an efficient smart kitchen, it is always not necessary to spend more money on getting essential cookware. This article will surely help you to have an idea about essential cookware and its features which you can opt according to your need and style of cooking. Hope you enjoyed reading this article.

Essential Cookware for a Smart Kitchen
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