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Hi! It’s Our Kitchen Reviews, and we love spending time in the kitchen. Whether it’s whipping up one of our favorite recipes or testing out our newest kitchen gadget, we can’t get enough of exploring the intersection of food and tech. Best of all, we love sharing our kitchen experiences with you, our readers.

Kitchen Product Reviews

We’re not ashamed to admit it: We’re total nerds for countertop kitchen appliances. Show us a beautiful, functional espresso machine and we’re in seventh heaven. Given the chance, we’d fill up an appliance garage the size of Jay Leno’s car garage. Coffee machines, electric kettles, food processors, juicers, mixers, blenders, soda makers, toasters…you never know what you’re going to find here. So check back often!


Another thing we’re total nerds about is a well-crafted list. (There, we said it.) Follow us for consumer-friendly guides to our favorite products, the things that wow us and give us the most bang for our buck. Want to know which ingredients make for the tastiest kale smoothie? Dying to find out which are the best blenders to make your kale smoothies in? We may have a guide for that.


Our food philosophy is just because we need it to live doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Hand-in-hand with our love of kitchen appliances, we also love to taste-test the newest food products to come out and the exciting recipes we discover. When we find a really good recipe, our loyal followers will be the first to know.

At Our Kitchen Reviews, we like to balance new kitchen and foodie trends with classic design and classic tastes. Join us for kitchen product reviews, guides, recipes, and more!

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